Những tác phẩm được giải Newbery

Những cuốn sách nhận Huân chương Newbery (mỗi năm chỉ có 1 tựa duy nhất) và nằm trong danh sách Sách danh dự Newbery (thường từ 4-7 tựa) sẽ được dán sticker hình huân chương trên bìa sách.

1922Hendrik Willem van LoonThe Story of MankindWinner
Charles Boardman HawesThe Great QuestHonor
Bernard MarshallCedric the ForesterHonor
William BowenThe Old Tobacco Shop: A True Account of What Befell a Little Boy in Search of AdventureHonor
Padraic ColumThe Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before AchillesHonor
Cornelia MeigsThe Windy HillHonor
1923Hugh LoftingThe Voyages of Doctor DolittleWinner
1924Charles Boardman HawesThe Dark FrigateWinner
1925Charles FingerTales from Silver LandsWinner
Annie Carroll MooreNicholas: A Manhattan Christmas StoryHonor
Anne Parrish
Dillwyn Parrish[b]
The Dream CoachHonor
1926Arthur Bowie ChrismanShen of the SeaWinner
Padraic ColumThe Voyagers: Being Legends and Romances of Atlantic DiscoveryHonor
1927Will JamesSmoky the Cow HorseWinner
1928Dhan Gopal MukerjiGay Neck, the Story of a PigeonWinner
Ella YoungThe Wonder Smith and His SonHonor
Caroline SnedekerDownright DenceyHonor
1929Eric P. KellyThe Trumpeter of KrakowWinner
John BennettThe Pigtail of Ah Lee Ben Loo with Seventeen Other Laughable Tales and 200 Comical SilhouettesHonor
Wanda GágMillions of CatsHonor
Grace HallockThe Boy Who WasHonor
Cornelia MeigsClearing WeatherHonor
Grace MoonRunaway PapooseHonor
Elinor Whitney FieldTod of the FensHonor
1930Rachel FieldHitty, Her First Hundred YearsWinner
Jeanette EatonA Daughter of the Seine: The Life of Madame RolandHonor
Elizabeth MillerPran of AlbaniaHonor
Marian Hurd McNeelyThe Jumping-Off PlaceHonor
Ella YoungThe Tangle-Coated Horse and Other TalesHonor
Julia Davis AdamsVaino, A Boy of New FinlandHonor
Hildegarde SwiftLittle Blacknose: The Story of a PioneerHonor
1931Elizabeth CoatsworthThe Cat Who Went to HeavenWinner
Anne ParrishFloating IslandHonor
Alida MalkusThe Dark Star of Itza: The Story of A Pagan PrincessHonor
Ralph HubbardQueer PersonHonor
Julia Davis AdamsMountains are FreeHonor
Agnes HewesSpice and the Devil’s CaveHonor
Elizabeth Janet GrayMeggy MacIntoshHonor
Herbert BestGarram the Hunter: A Boy of the Hill TribesHonor
Alice Alison Lide and Margaret Alison JohansenOod-Le-Uk the WandererHonor
1932Laura Adams ArmerWaterless MountainWinner
Dorothy P. LathropThe Fairy CircusHonor
Rachel FieldCalico BushHonor
Eunice TietjensBoy of the South SeasHonor
Eloise LownsberyOut of the FlameHonor
Marjorie Hill AlleeJane’s IslandHonor
Mary Gould DavisTruce of the Wolf and Other Tales of Old ItalyHonor
1933Elizabeth Foreman LewisYoung Fu of the Upper YangtzeWinner
Cornelia MeigsSwift RiversHonor
Hildegarde SwiftThe Railroad To Freedom: A Story of the Civil WarHonor
Nora BurglonChildren of the Soil: A Story of ScandinaviaHonor
1934Cornelia MeigsInvincible LouisaWinner
Caroline SnedekerThe Forgotten DaughterHonor
Elsie SingmasterSwords of SteelHonor
Wanda GágThe ABC BunnyHonor
Erick BerryWinged Girl of KnossosHonor
Sarah Lindsay SchmidtNew Land[19]Honor
Padraic ColumThe Big Tree of Bunlahy: Stories of My Own CountrysideHonor
Agnes HewesGlory of the SeasHonor
Anne Dempster KyleApprentice of FlorenceHonor
1935Monica ShannonDobryWinner
Elizabeth SeegerPageant of Chinese HistoryHonor
Constance RourkeDavy CrockettHonor
Hilda van StockumA Day On Skates: The Story of a Dutch PicnicHonor
1936Carol Ryrie BrinkCaddie WoodlawnWinner
Phil StongHonk, the MooseHonor
Kate SeredyThe Good MasterHonor
Elizabeth Janet GrayYoung Walter ScottHonor
Armstrong SperryAll Sail Set: A Romance of the Flying CloudHonor
1937Ruth SawyerRoller SkatesWinner
Lois LenskiPhoebe Fairchild: Her BookHonor
Idwal JonesWhistler’s VanHonor
Ludwig BemelmansThe Golden BasketHonor
Margery WilliamsWinterboundHonor
Constance RourkeAudubonHonor
Agnes HewesThe Codfish MusketHonor
1938Kate SeredyThe White StagWinner
James Cloyd BowmanPecos Bill: The Greatest Cowboy of All TimeHonor
Mabel RobinsonBright IslandHonor
Laura Ingalls WilderOn the Banks of Plum CreekHonor
1939Elizabeth EnrightThimble SummerWinner
Valenti AngeloNinoHonor
Richard & Florence AtwaterMr. Popper’s PenguinsHonor
Phyllis CrawfordHello the Boat!Honor
Jeanette EatonLeader By Destiny: George Washington, Man and PatriotHonor
Elizabeth Janet GrayPennHonor
1940James DaughertyDaniel BooneWinner
Kate SeredyThe Singing TreeHonor
Mabel RobinsonRunner of the Mountain Tops: The Life of Louis AgassizHonor
Laura Ingalls WilderBy the Shores of Silver LakeHonor
Stephen W. MeaderBoy with a PackHonor
1941Armstrong SperryCall It CourageWinner
Doris GatesBlue WillowHonor
Mary Jane CarrYoung Mac of Fort VancouverHonor
Laura Ingalls WilderThe Long WinterHonor
Anna Gertrude HallNansenHonor
1942Walter D. EdmondsThe Matchlock GunWinner
Laura Ingalls WilderLittle Town on the PrairieHonor
Genevieve FosterGeorge Washington’s WorldHonor
Lois LenskiIndian Captive: The Story of Mary JemisonHonor
Eva Roe GagginDown Ryton WaterHonor
1943Elizabeth Janet GrayAdam of the RoadWinner
Eleanor EstesThe Middle MoffatHonor
Mabel Leigh HuntHave You Seen Tom Thumb?Honor
1944Esther ForbesJohnny TremainWinner
Laura Ingalls WilderThese Happy Golden YearsHonor
Julia SauerFog MagicHonor
Eleanor EstesRufus M.Honor
Elizabeth YatesMountain BornHonor
1945Robert LawsonRabbit HillWinner
Eleanor EstesThe Hundred DressesHonor
Alice DalglieshThe Silver PencilHonor
Genevieve FosterAbraham Lincoln’s WorldHonor
Jeanette EatonLone Journey: The Life of Roger WilliamsHonor
1946Lois LenskiStrawberry GirlWinner
Marguerite HenryJustin Morgan Had a HorseHonor
Florence Crannell MeansThe Moved-OutersHonor
Christine WestonBhimsa, the Dancing BearHonor
Katherine ShippenNew Found WorldHonor
1947Carolyn Sherwin BaileyMiss HickoryWinner
Nancy BarnesThe Wonderful YearHonor
Mary & Conrad BuffBig TreeHonor
William MaxwellThe Heavenly TenantsHonor
Cyrus FisherThe Avion My Uncle FlewHonor
Eleanore M. JewettThe Hidden Treasure of GlastonHonor
1948William Pène du BoisThe Twenty-One BalloonsWinner
Claire Huchet BishopPancakes-ParisHonor
Carolyn TreffingerLi Lun, Lad of CourageHonor
Catherine BestermanThe Quaint and Curious Quest of Johnny LongfootHonor
Harold CourlanderThe Cow-Tail Switch, and Other West African StoriesHonor
Marguerite HenryMisty of ChincoteagueHonor
1949Marguerite HenryKing of the WindWinner
Holling C. HollingSeabirdHonor
Louise RankinDaughter of the MountainsHonor
Ruth S. GannettMy Father’s DragonHonor
Arna BontempsStory of the NegroHonor
1950Marguerite de AngeliThe Door in the WallWinner
Rebecca CaudillTree of FreedomHonor
Catherine CoblentzThe Blue Cat of Castle TownHonor
Rutherford George MontgomeryKildee HouseHonor
Genevieve FosterGeorge WashingtonHonor
Walter & Marion HavighurstSong of The Pines: A Story of Norwegian Lumbering in WisconsinHonor
1951Elizabeth YatesAmos Fortune, Free ManWinner
Mabel Leigh HuntBetter Known as Johnny AppleseedHonor
Jeanette EatonGandhi, Fighter Without a SwordHonor
Clara Ingram JudsonAbraham Lincoln, Friend of the PeopleHonor
Anne Parrish[b]The Story of Appleby CappleHonor
1952Eleanor EstesGinger PyeWinner
Elizabeth BaityAmericans Before ColumbusHonor
Holling C. HollingMinn of the MississippiHonor
Nicholas KalashnikoffThe DefenderHonor
Julia SauerThe Light at Tern RockHonor
Mary & Conrad BuffThe Apple and the ArrowHonor
1953Ann Nolan ClarkSecret of the AndesWinner
E. B. WhiteCharlotte’s WebHonor
Eloise Jarvis McGrawMoccasin TrailHonor
Ann WeilRed Sails to CapriHonor
Alice DalglieshThe Bears on Hemlock MountainHonor
Genevieve FosterBirthdays of Freedom, Vol. 1Honor
1954Joseph Krumgold…And Now MiguelWinner
Claire Huchet BishopAll AloneHonor
Meindert DeJongShadrachHonor
Meindert DeJongHurry Home, CandyHonor
Clara Ingram JudsonTheodore Roosevelt, Fighting PatriotHonor
Mary & Conrad BuffMagic MaizeHonor
1955Meindert DeJongThe Wheel on the SchoolWinner
Alice DalglieshThe Courage of Sarah NobleHonor
James UllmanBanner in the SkyHonor
1956Jean Lee LathamCarry On, Mr. BowditchWinner
Marjorie Kinnan RawlingsThe Secret RiverHonor
Jennie LindquistThe Golden Name DayHonor
Katherine ShippenMen, Microscopes, and Living ThingsHonor
1957Virginia SorensenMiracles on Maple HillWinner
Fred GipsonOld YellerHonor
Meindert DeJongThe House of Sixty FathersHonor
Clara Ingram JudsonMr. Justice HolmesHonor
Dorothy RhoadsThe Corn Grows RipeHonor
Marguerite de AngeliBlack Fox of LorneHonor
1958Harold KeithRifles for WatieWinner
Mari SandozThe HorsecatcherHonor
Elizabeth EnrightGone-Away LakeHonor
Robert LawsonThe Great WheelHonor
Leo GurkoTom Paine, Freedom’s ApostleHonor
1959Elizabeth George SpeareThe Witch of Blackbird PondWinner
Natalie Savage CarlsonThe Family Under the BridgeHonor
Meindert DeJongAlong Came a DogHonor
Francis KalnayChucaro: Wild Pony of the PampaHonor
William O. SteeleThe Perilous RoadHonor
1960Joseph KrumgoldOnion JohnWinner
Jean Craighead GeorgeMy Side of the MountainHonor
Gerald W. JohnsonAmerica Is Born: A History for PeterHonor
Carol KendallThe Gammage CupHonor
1961Scott O’DellIsland of the Blue DolphinsWinner
Gerald W. JohnsonAmerica Moves Forward: A History for PeterHonor
Jack SchaeferOld RamonHonor
George SeldenThe Cricket in Times SquareHonor
1962Elizabeth George SpeareThe Bronze BowWinner
Edwin TunisFrontier LivingHonor
Eloise Jarvis McGrawThe Golden GobletHonor
Mary StolzBelling The TigerHonor
1963Madeleine L’EngleA Wrinkle in TimeWinner
Sorche Nic LeodhasThistle and Thyme: Tales and Legends from ScotlandHonor
Olivia CoolidgeMen of AthensHonor
1964Emily Cheney NevilleIt’s Like This, CatWinner
Sterling NorthRascalHonor
Ester WierThe LonerHonor
1965Maia WojciechowskaShadow of a BullWinner
Irene HuntAcross Five AprilsHonor
1966Elizabeth Borton de TreviñoI, Juan de ParejaWinner
Lloyd AlexanderThe Black CauldronHonor
Randall JarrellThe Animal FamilyHonor
Mary StolzThe Noonday FriendsHonor
1967Irene HuntUp a Road SlowlyWinner
Scott O’DellThe King’s FifthHonor
Isaac Bashevis SingerZlateh The Goat and Other StoriesHonor
Mary Hays WeikThe Jazz ManHonor
1968E. L. KonigsburgFrom the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. FrankweilerWinner
E. L. KonigsburgJennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, ElizabethHonor
Scott O’DellThe Black PearlHonor
Isaac Bashevis SingerThe Fearsome InnHonor
Zilpha Keatley SnyderThe Egypt GameHonor
1969Lloyd AlexanderThe High KingWinner
Julius LesterTo Be a SlaveHonor
Isaac Bashevis SingerWhen Shlemiel Went to Warsaw and Other StoriesHonor
1970William H. ArmstrongSounderWinner
Sulamith Ish-kishorOur EddieHonor
Janet Gaylord MooreThe Many Ways of Seeing: An Introduction to the Pleasures of ArtHonor
Mary Q. SteeleJourney OutsideHonor
1971Betsy ByarsSummer of the SwansWinner
Natalie BabbittKnee-Knock RiseHonor
Sylvia EngdahlEnchantress from the StarsHonor
Scott O’DellSing Down the MoonHonor
1972Robert C. O’BrienMrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMHWinner
Allan W. EckertIncident at Hawk’s HillHonor
Virginia HamiltonThe Planet of Junior BrownHonor
Ursula K. Le GuinThe Tombs of AtuanHonor
Miska MilesAnnie and the Old OneHonor
Zilpha Keatley SnyderThe Headless CupidHonor
1973Jean Craighead GeorgeJulie of the WolvesWinner
Arnold LobelFrog and Toad TogetherHonor
Johanna ReissThe Upstairs RoomHonor
Zilpha Keatley SnyderThe Witches of WormHonor
1974Paula FoxThe Slave DancerWinner
Susan CooperThe Dark Is RisingHonor
1975Virginia HamiltonM. C. Higgins, the GreatWinner
Ellen RaskinFiggs & PhantomsHonor
James Lincoln Collier & Christopher CollierMy Brother Sam Is DeadHonor
Elizabeth Marie PopeThe Perilous GardHonor
Bette GreenePhilip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon MaybeHonor
1976Susan CooperThe Grey KingWinner
Sharon Bell MathisThe Hundred Penny BoxHonor
Laurence YepDragonwingsHonor
1977Mildred TaylorRoll of Thunder, Hear My CryWinner
William SteigAbel’s IslandHonor
Nancy BondA String in the HarpHonor
1978Katherine PatersonBridge to TerabithiaWinner
Beverly ClearyRamona and Her FatherHonor
Jamake HighwaterAnpao: An American Indian OdysseyHonor
1979Ellen RaskinThe Westing GameWinner
Katherine PatersonThe Great Gilly HopkinsHonor
1980Joan BlosA Gathering of Days: A New England Girl’s JournalWinner
David KherdianThe Road from HomeHonor
1981Katherine PatersonJacob Have I LovedWinner
Jane LangtonThe FledglingHonor
Madeleine L’EngleA Ring of Endless LightHonor
1982Nancy WillardA Visit to William Blake’s InnWinner
Beverly ClearyRamona Quimby, Age 8Honor
Aranka SiegalUpon the Head of the Goat: A Childhood in Hungary 1939–1944Honor
1983Cynthia VoigtDicey’s SongWinner
Robin McKinleyThe Blue SwordHonor
William SteigDoctor De SotoHonor
Paul FleischmanGraven ImagesHonor
Jean FritzHomesick: My Own StoryHonor
Virginia HamiltonSweet Whispers, Brother RushHonor
1984Beverly ClearyDear Mr. HenshawWinner
Elizabeth George SpeareThe Sign of the BeaverHonor
Cynthia VoigtA Solitary BlueHonor
Kathryn LaskySugaring TimeHonor
Bill BrittainThe Wish GiverHonor
1985Robin McKinleyThe Hero and the CrownWinner
Mavis JukesLike Jake and MeHonor
Bruce BrooksThe Moves Make the ManHonor
Paula FoxOne-Eyed CatHonor
1986Patricia MacLachlanSarah, Plain and TallWinner
Rhoda BlumbergCommodore Perry In the Land of the ShogunHonor
Gary PaulsenDogsongHonor
1987Sid FleischmanThe Whipping BoyWinner
Cynthia RylantA Fine White DustHonor
Marion Dane BauerOn My HonorHonor
Patricia LauberVolcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. HelensHonor
1988Russell FreedmanLincoln: A PhotobiographyWinner
Norma Fox MazerAfter the RainHonor
Gary PaulsenHatchetHonor
1989Paul FleischmanJoyful Noise: Poems for Two VoicesWinner
Virginia HamiltonIn The Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the WorldHonor
Walter Dean MyersScorpionsHonor
1990Lois LowryNumber the StarsWinner
Janet Taylor LisleAfternoon of the ElvesHonor
Suzanne Fisher StaplesShabanu, Daughter of the WindHonor
Gary PaulsenThe Winter RoomHonor
1991Jerry SpinelliManiac MageeWinner
AviThe True Confessions of Charlotte DoyleHonor
1992Phyllis Reynolds NaylorShilohWinner
AviNothing But The Truth: a Documentary NovelHonor
Russell FreedmanThe Wright Brothers: How They Invented the AirplaneHonor
1993Cynthia RylantMissing MayWinner
Bruce BrooksWhat HeartsHonor
Patricia McKissackThe Dark-ThirtyHonor
Walter Dean MyersSomewhere in the DarknessHonor
1994Lois LowryThe GiverWinner
Jane Leslie ConlyCrazy Lady!Honor
Laurence YepDragon’s GateHonor
Russell FreedmanEleanor Roosevelt: A Life of DiscoveryHonor
1995Sharon CreechWalk Two MoonsWinner
Karen CushmanCatherine, Called BirdyHonor
Nancy FarmerThe Ear, the Eye and the ArmHonor
1996Karen CushmanThe Midwife’s ApprenticeWinner
Carolyn ComanWhat Jamie SawHonor
Christopher Paul CurtisThe Watsons Go to Birmingham: 1963Honor
Carol FennerYolonda’s GeniusHonor
Jim MurphyThe Great FireHonor
1997E. L. KonigsburgThe View from SaturdayWinner
Nancy FarmerA Girl Named DisasterHonor
Eloise Jarvis McGrawThe MoorchildHonor
Megan Whalen TurnerThe ThiefHonor
Ruth WhiteBelle Prater’s BoyHonor
1998Karen HesseOut of the DustWinner
Gail Carson LevineElla EnchantedHonor
Patricia Reilly GiffLily’s CrossingHonor
Jerry SpinelliWringerHonor
1999Louis SacharHolesWinner
Richard PeckA Long Way from ChicagoHonor
2000Christopher Paul CurtisBud, Not BuddyWinner
Audrey CouloumbisGetting Near to BabyHonor
Jennifer L. HolmOur Only May AmeliaHonor
Tomie dePaola26 Fairmount AvenueHonor
2001Richard PeckA Year Down YonderWinner
Joan BauerHope Was HereHonor
Kate DiCamilloBecause of Winn-DixieHonor
Jack GantosJoey Pigza Loses ControlHonor
Sharon CreechThe WandererHonor
2002Linda Sue ParkA Single ShardWinner
Polly HorvathEverything on a WaffleHonor
Marilyn NelsonCarver: A Life in PoemsHonor
2003AviCrispin: The Cross of LeadWinner
Nancy FarmerThe House of the ScorpionHonor
Patricia Reilly GiffPictures of Hollis WoodsHonor
Carl HiaasenHootHonor
Ann M. MartinA Corner of the UniverseHonor
Stephanie S. TolanSurviving the ApplewhitesHonor
2004Kate DiCamilloThe Tale of DespereauxWinner
Kevin HenkesOlive’s OceanHonor
Jim MurphyAn American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793Honor
2005Cynthia KadohataKira-KiraWinner
Gennifer CholdenkoAl Capone Does My ShirtsHonor
Russell FreedmanThe Voice that Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal RightsHonor
Gary D. SchmidtLizzie Bright and the Buckminster BoyHonor
2006Lynne Rae PerkinsCriss CrossWinner
Alan ArmstrongWhittingtonHonor
Susan Campbell BartolettiHitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s ShadowHonor
Shannon HalePrincess AcademyHonor
Jacqueline WoodsonShow WayHonor
2007Susan PatronThe Higher Power of LuckyWinner
Jennifer L. HolmPenny from HeavenHonor
Kirby LarsonHattie Big SkyHonor
Cynthia LordRulesHonor
2008Laura Amy SchlitzGood Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval VillageWinner
Christopher Paul CurtisElijah of BuxtonHonor
Gary D. SchmidtThe Wednesday WarsHonor
Jacqueline WoodsonFeathersHonor
2009Neil GaimanThe Graveyard BookWinner
Kathi AppeltThe UnderneathHonor
Margarita EngleThe Surrender Tree: Poems of Cuba’s Struggle for FreedomHonor
Ingrid LawSavvyHonor
Jacqueline WoodsonAfter Tupac and D FosterHonor
2010Rebecca SteadWhen You Reach MeWinner
Phillip HooseClaudette Colvin: Twice Toward JusticeHonor
Jacqueline KellyThe Evolution of Calpurnia TateHonor
Grace LinWhere the Mountain Meets the MoonHonor
Rodman PhilbrickThe Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. FiggHonor
2011Clare VanderpoolMoon Over ManifestWinner
Jennifer L. HolmTurtle in ParadiseHonor
Margi PreusHeart of a SamuraiHonor
Joyce SidmanDark Emperor & Other Poems of the NightHonor
Rita Williams-GarciaOne Crazy SummerHonor
2012Jack GantosDead End in NorveltWinner
Thanhha LaiInside Out & Back AgainHonor
Eugene YelchinBreaking Stalin’s NoseHonor
2013Katherine ApplegateThe One and Only IvanWinner
Laura Amy SchlitzSplendors and GloomsHonor
Steve SheinkinBomb: The Race to Build—and Steal—the World’s Most Dangerous WeaponHonor
Sheila TurnageThree Times LuckyHonor
2014Kate DiCamilloFlora & Ulysses: The Illuminated AdventuresWinner
Holly BlackDoll BonesHonor
Kevin HenkesThe Year of Billy MillerHonor
Amy TimberlakeOne Came HomeHonor
Vince VawterPaperboyHonor
2015Kwame AlexanderThe CrossoverWinner
Cece BellEl DeafoHonor
Jacqueline WoodsonBrown Girl DreamingHonor
2016Matt de la PeñaLast Stop on Market StreetWinner
Kimberly Brubaker BradleyThe War That Saved My LifeHonor
Victoria JamiesonRoller GirlHonor
Pam Muñoz RyanEchoHonor
2017Kelly BarnhillThe Girl Who Drank the MoonWinner
Ashley BryanFreedom Over Me: Eleven Slaves, Their Lives and Dreams Brought to Life by Ashley BryanHonor
Adam GidwitzThe Inquisitor’s Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children and Their Holy DogHonor
Lauren WolkWolf HollowHonor
2018Erin Entrada KellyHello, UniverseWinner
Derrick BarnesCrown: An Ode to the Fresh CutHonor
Jason ReynoldsLong Way DownHonor
Renée WatsonPiecing Me TogetherHonor
2019Meg MedinaMerci Suárez Changes GearsWinner
Veera HiranandaniThe Night DiaryHonor
Catherine Gilbert MurdockThe Book of BoyHonor
2020Jerry CraftNew KidWinner
Kwame AlexanderThe UndefeatedHonor
Christian McKay HeidickerScary Stories for Young FoxesHonor
Jasmine WargaOther Words for HomeHonor
Alicia D. WilliamsGenesis Begins AgainHonor
2021Tae KellerWhen You Trap a TigerWinner
Kimberly Brubaker BradleyFighting WordsHonor
Erin Entrada KellyWe Dream of SpaceHonor
Christina SoontornvatAll Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue of the Thai Boys’ Soccer TeamHonor
Christina SoontornvatA Wish in the DarkHonor
Carole Boston WeatherfordBOX: Henry Brown Mails Himself to FreedomHonor
2022Donna Barba HigueraThe Last CuentistaWinner
Rajani LaRoccaRed, White, and WholeHonor
Darcie Little BadgerA Snake Falls to EarthHonor
Kyle LukoffToo Bright to SeeHonor
Andrea WangWatercressHonor
2023Amina Luqman-DawsonFreewaterWinner
Andrea Beatriz ArangoIveliz Explains It AllHonor
Christina SoontornvatThe Last MapmakerHonor
Lisa YeeMaizy Chen’s Last ChanceHonor

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